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6 Easy Ways to Give Your Personal Brand a Makeover

It’s too easy to succumb to complacency at work, and getting trapped in a rut is only a step away. As Jeff Bezos said, your personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room! So, try to make the necessary changes to your professional image before it begins to weigh you down.

Here are six easy ways you can take to give yourself a personal brand makeover:

1. Make Yourself a Go-to Person

Try to pick a sector you are passionate about and become an expert in it. Everyone in your company, from the frontline worker to the CEO, must regard you as the go-to person for anything related to this field. You should volunteer to lead workshops within your company, participate in internal conversations, and freely offer your knowledge. Because your experiences and accomplishments to date are essential assets in establishing your new personal brand. Remember to keep everything forward-facing and relevant to trends, as people are willing to invest in the future. So, you need to reflect on limitless opportunities ahead and not the past!

2. Create a Powerful External Network and Gather Data

Companies demand that managers and executives have a strong outward focus. Your professional reputation will follow you to work and can help you advance your career inside your company. Participating at business events and speaking at various fora are fantastic ways to build a strong external network of contacts. Then, get an outside perspective by asking five individuals in your network to tell you the worst things they have heard about you. They might be half-hearted, so tell them that you are using the information to improve yourself. Now, comes the tricky part: you must own those items! You might be amazed at how this painful but essential process might aid your personal and professional development.

3. Continue to Learn and Take Action

Learning is a mindset rather than a task. You do not need to make an extra effort to learn if you are capable of shifting effortlessly to a learning mode easily, swiftly, and frequently. Moreover, Be the polar opposite of whatever is holding you back. Rebrand yourself as someone who is easy to deal with, for example, if it has been noted in your personnel file that you are tough to work with. Make an effort to be helpful and available. Turn it around. Use the less-than-positive feedback you’ve gotten in the past to help you position your abilities.

4. Establish a Social Media Presence

In this digital age, having a strong social media presence is essential for professionals. Sharing material, participating in debates, and establishing a network of followers among your industry colleagues can all help you build a personal brand. You should gather new images to use on your website and social media accounts that reflect your new personal brand. Remember to update all your social media business profiles and places like industry association membership bios that you might have created years ago.

5. Get Involved with the Next Generation

Do not pass up the chance to serve on a panel for school hiring or accept an invitation to give a guest lecture at a local college. Aside from having a lasting impression on young brains, you can also generate followers from the next generation of young people entering the workforce.

6. Assist Others in Seeing You in a New Light

Let others know what you have learnt. If you have made a mistake, go out of your way to help someone else by becoming a resource. Create a network of people who are aware of your abilities. Demonstrate your abilities in order to persuade others who doubt your competence to reconsider. It is sometimes necessary to humanise yourself. Allow employees to see what matters to you outside of work, such as your family or volunteer opportunities. You do not have to let your past mistakes and problems determine who you are now. Make every effort to alter people’s perceptions of you. You are who you are right now. It may take some effort to rebrand your personal brand, but it will be well worth it!


In conclusion, if you want to give your personal brand a makeover, you should try six easy ways including making yourself a go-to person, creating a powerful external network and gathering data, continuing to learn and taking action, establishing a social media presence, getting involved with the next generation and finally, assisting others in seeing you in a new light. Rebranding will widen your scope of customers and improve the audience you currently appeal to. If you would like to give your personal brand a makeover, do not hesitate and contact Business Vibes today!

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