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7 Rules of Individual Branding in Social Media

Any day which pasts, more people and businesses think of improving their social presence, as it is the main path of marketing and communications these days. To get to the top of this subject you have to get involved with some skills and rules. Having an individual brand is one of these rules which drives you to express yourself in a unique, distinguished way to your preferred audiences. To make such an individual brand, you are supposed to consider some points that we are going to mention here.

1. Focus on Individual Branding

Maybe you are from those who have various talents and interests. But when it comes to individual branding you should decide on which of them you want to focus on. You must be transparent and exact about what you want to be recognized by. In the first place, you should clear it for yourself. Find one or two core proficiency and concentrate on them. Do not try to say a lot about everything because you will not raise in any of them at last. Mentioning a general area like “architecture” is not a clarification. You should carefully determine a high unique niche and stick to it.

2. Be Genuine

Completely figure out you are real or fake. An unreal attitude can never attract people as expected. Do not think of making an individual brand based on what you do not believe in and implement in your life. Reality and trust are directly related. Believing in yourself with all your weaknesses and strengths cause others to believe in you as well. So to gain your audience’s trust, you have to be authentic when it comes to branding. Authenticity comes from your specific point of view and leads to a strong differentiating. Your purposes and values are your driving force. Thus you have no choice but to be genuine if you want to succeed.

3. Be Consistent

If you have found your niche and made it genuine, now you should consider consistency. Building a brand does not happen immediately. It would help if you moved consistently and patiently. Likewise, it would be best if you were memorable and trustworthy, and it takes place during the time. It is wrong to be present for a period, post so many times a week, and then get absent for a while. This irregularity derails your consistency, and so your brand. Another example of inconsistency is appearing in different platforms differently. You cannot use your business account on Facebook and your personal account on Instagram and waiting for good results. By consistency, you make it easy for your followers to find you and remember you.

4. Be Sociable and Active

An active presence is critical to social media. Aside from making an account or blog and videos, it would help if you interacted actively. You are supposed to answer your followers’ questions, ask them questions, and give them what they are looking for. Make sure your audiences are motivated enough to come back to you. The first action to do this is choosing the right platform. Assess who is your ideal public and where they are present mostly. Then find fitting ways to communicate them actively. The more you are available the more your brand is effective.

5. Storytell

People do not communicate with you only to hear your speeches or give you likes. The more you engage them the more they feel this interaction is useful. Telling your story is one of the best elements to engage them. Furthermore, storytelling is an exciting approach that makes your followers eager to follow you. People like to hear about your successes and failures. They want to know what path have you taken to reach hear. Besides, giving a connection point to your fans is what makes common and reasonable sense to them for following you. 

6. Make a Positive Impact

“How thankful I am to getting familiar with such a person.” It is the feeling that your brand should cause. Your individual brand is your voice, so why not use it to help others and positively impact them? Changing the attitudes of others to a good one can be the specific differentiation you make.

7. Do not be Afraid of Failure

Even thinking of failure can be frightening particularly after all these efforts to make the desired brand. But do not be worry about it. Keep ready to fail, and remember you cannot learn from anything more than failure. And what may happen is never as scary as not doing at all or trying again.

In short, an individual brand is not just an account on digital platforms and some videos and pictures. In order to make an effective individual brand you must follow these critical points and for sure many other narrow tips to appear as much strong as possible.


When it comes to developing a social media strategy, you should allways be adaptable and open to changing your strategy and assessing your findings. But you should remember rules of individual branding including focusing, being genuine, consistent, sociable and active, storytelling, making a positive impact, and not being afraid of failure.

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