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Best Ways to Humanise Your Business Branding and Win Big

People are social creatures by nature. We yearn for connection and engagement, particularly with other people. A customer would like to interact with a human over a cold, corporate entity ten times out of ten. This puts business branding at a considerable disadvantage, but it does not automatically exclude them from the game. 

The world’s most successful business brands do not let this impediment keep them from engaging with customers. Rather than fighting an uphill struggle to change the way people think and interact, they work with the brain’s natural tendencies. They humanise their businesses in ways that make their marketing more accessible and compelling. Here are some tips for humanising your brand:

Be Honest with Yourself

“Being human is a perception rather than a practice for many business brands. “However, sounding human is not the same as being human,” GetCraft explains. “Brand humanisation isn’t a straightforward process that social media managers can handle alone. It should be ingrained in one’s organizational culture.” It may sound cliched and clichéd to say that you should be true to yourself, but it is crucial. We’re not talking about being true to yourself in the sense of “chasing your aspirations,” but rather about consistency and sincerity. Your company’s branding should be consistent with who it is. Your branding should be unique and spontaneous if your firm is full of oddballs that want to have a good time. If your business is serious and contemplative, your branding should reflect that.

Educate Rather than Sell

Consider the last time a buddy recommended a product to you, which you then went out and purchased. It’s pretty doubtful that your friend came in and presented a polished sales pitch, whether it was for a book, a car, or a new restaurant. Instead, he explained why he enjoyed the product and why you required it. Imagine your online audience to be a group of pals. Delivering an infomercial is not a good idea. Instead, concentrate on educating them. Bring up their challenges, acknowledge the friction they are dealing with, and explain how your products can help them. When talking about your products, focus on solutions rather than features, and describe why your products are superior to others. To put it another way, don’t try to persuade your audience that your flashlight has twice the brightness of the nearest rival. Instead, explain why a brighter spotlight is preferable and what solution your product provides (in this case, increased visibility and safety).

Take a Look Behind the Scenes

People are fascinated by what happens behind the scenes. It is for this reason that film outtakes, documentaries, backstage tours, and biographies have become so popular. Any chance you have to take your audience behind the scenes will help you brand your business branding. One of the finest ways is to use Facebook Live. Even simple images from a corporate picnic or a blog post on how the latest product idea came to be might be effective.

Use Visual Content to Your Advantage

There is nothing wrong with written text, but it cannot compare to the value of visual content. One of the most powerful human senses is sight. Your business brand needs to use as much visual content as possible to properly engage with people. This includes the following:

Maintain Consistency

People occasionally behave in inconsistent ways with their personalities, but for the most part, people act in ways that match their personalities. The same may be said for business brands. Establishing and maintaining a brand style guide is the most excellent method to keep your business brand voice consistent. When new employees are hired, they should be expected to read the entire style guide from beginning to end (regardless of whether they produce content or work in a customer-facing position).


There are many fantastic business brands out there, but few take the effort to humanise their approach in a way that increases engagement and fosters healthy, long-term consumer connections. You, on the other hand, can be the exception. As you can see, humanising your business branding entails slicing through the cold, corporate jargon and demonstrating to the market who you are, what you believe, where your passion resides, and how you can assist people in getting from where they are to where they want to be. If you do these things properly, you will be able to consistently and predictably outperform the competition.

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