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Different Types of Social Media and How to Make through them - part 2

In the following 3 articles, we have divided different types of social media into 10 broad categories based on what individuals want to achieve by using them. Don’t miss reading them!

If you’re a social media pro, you’re probably already utilising all of the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), media sharing sites (Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat), and a few others, such as Pinterest and Google Plus. On the other hand, social media encompasses far more than simply the big social networking and media sharing sites. If you look past the social media behemoths, people use a variety of social media platforms to connect online for various reasons. In our quest to bring you the freshest and finest social media news from all corners of the internet, we’ve discovered a slew of hyper-focused niche social networks for everything from jet setting and green living to knitting and all things macho. On the other side, grouping social networks by topic can quickly become overwhelming—and even disturbing. (Plus, Wikipedia has already done it for us.)

Networks for Bookmarking and Content Curation

Pinterest and Flipboard are two examples. People use these networks for a variety of reasons — to find, store, share, and talk about new and popular material and media. How they can help your company: These networks have the potential to significantly increase brand visibility, customer engagement, and website traffic. People can use bookmarking and content curation networks to find, store, share, and debate new and popular material and media. These networks are a hotspot of creativity and inspiration for individuals looking for information and ideas, and by incorporating them into your social media marketing strategy, you’ll be able to expand your brand awareness and engage with your audience and customers in new ways. People use bookmarking sites like Pinterest to find, save, and share visual material. Making your website bookmark-friendly is a simple first step to getting started with Pinterest. This means optimising your blog and website’s headlines and graphics for the feeds these networks use to access and disseminate your material. You should also pay special attention to the images on your website or blog.

Networks for Exchanging Media

WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium are among the examples. People use these networks for various reasons, including publishing, discovering, and commenting on online material. How they can help your company: Content marketing is a powerful tool for engaging with your audience, building your brand, and generating leads and sales. People and brands can use blogging and publishing networks to publish material online in formats that encourage discovery, sharing, and discussion. Traditional blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger, as well as microblogging services like Tumblr and interactive social publishing platforms like Medium, are among these networks. Maintaining a blog will help your company get visibility if your promotion strategy incorporates content marketing (and if it doesn’t, you should think about it). A blog may help you carve out a niche for your brand as a thought leader in your field, as well as raise brand awareness and provide more material for your social media channels like Facebook. See our instructions to beginning a blog, promoting your blog, developing a content marketing plan, and creating amazing content if you’re new to blogging and content marketing.

Networks of Consumer Reviews

Yelp, Zomato, and TripAdvisor are among the examples. People use these networks for a variety of reasons. To discover, evaluate, and share information on companies, goods, and services, as well as restaurants, travel destinations, and other topics. How they can help your company: Positive feedback lends credibility to your assertions. You can overcome difficulties with unhappy clients if you handle them properly. People can review companies, businesses, products, services, travel destinations, and just about anything else on consumer review networks. Consider the shopping experience on Amazon or the experience of searching for a local business on Google Maps—reviews are a sort of material that provides a lot of value to many websites and online services. Consumer review networks take it a step further by forming networks around reviews as a major component of the service they offer.


Social media comes in a wide range of flavours. Most of these types can be used to better your business in some way. Get clear on what you want to achieve, think creatively, and, most importantly, stay human.
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