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How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand Through Videos

“Video is the future, and the future is now,” says William Arruda, a famous personal branding expert. There is no better time than now to start promoting your personal branding video. Choosing the voice of your tale is the first step in defining your audience. When you are the voice, it becomes more personal and focused on you as the subject. Testimonials are a great approach to boost your reputation and communicate your story from a different angle. Also, as previously stated! “video is the most effective approach to get noticed”. Follow the steps below.

Make a Decision about the Video's Purpose

Each personal branding video will be unique and made for various reasons. In a Forbes article, Arruda discusses 10 Ways to Use Video for Vibrant Personal Branding. It would be best if you decided on the goal of the video and the message you want to send, whether it is for presentations, web marketing, or a job application. One film developed, for example, was for Ryan Malfara, a well-known public speaker and business coach who thought he wanted a welcoming video before his conference appearances. The goal of this film was to invigorate the audience and make them aware of who will be speaking next.

Identify Your Target Market

For the video to have the most significant impact, clearly describe whom you want to see it or designed for. Whether it is for live audiences, internet customers, or an employer, the film is intended for their reaction, therefore aim it in that direction. For example, the video I made for Desiree Koo, a businesswoman and author, was a brief 2:30 minute film that chronicled her journey from rags to riches, highlighted her first publication, and ended with her logo and photo to remind her to start her presentation. This video is perfect for a live audience because it is a brief narrative which advertises her book and gives the audience a cue to welcome her on stage.

Make a List of What You Want to Say and then Write it down

It is only a matter of coming up with the right storey to tell. Identify your tale and the facts you want to impart to your audience, then work your way from the beginning to the end. When it comes to writing your story, coherence is crucial for it to be logical and easy to understand when your audience sees it for the first time. Desiree developed her wealth from a low-income background, and she learned the value of investing in financial education for her children in the example above. We ultimately fleshed out a brief but focused story that was both emotional and educational after many drafts.

Choose Quality before Quantity

So you have determined your goal, your target audience, and your story, and you have decided on a storyteller. It is time to assemble the video. Make sure you choose quality over quantity, whoever you choose! Nothing is more unpleasant than endeavouring just to close down with a cheap-looking video that adds to the rubbish that already is on the screens. If your story or testimonies are exceptional, give them justice by creating a high-quality video, even if it costs a bit more. It will be well worth it, believe me!


Now that you have got your incredible footage, what do you do with it? So, as said before, let the rest of the world know! We are all curious about why you are the go-to expert, so please demonstrate your expertise in any manner you can. Make use of your social media accounts: if you do not have one already, create one, post it to your Facebook page, tweet it, and share it on LinkedIn. You never know when you will need a video, so make sure you have it in several formats and sizes. Whether that is a full HD version for conferences, a compressed file for emails, or a social media sharing, you will want to make sure it looks fantastic on whatever platform. Hopefully, these instructions should inspire you to create your own personal branding video and share your story. Remember that video is the future, and the end is today. So get to work!

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