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How to Create Your Personal Brand Voice and Stand out in 2022

If you invest time, money, and effort into building your brand without first defining your own brand voice, you will end up spinning your wheels and wondering why nothing is working. Finding your brand’s voice is just as important as finding your brand.

Some may argue that the two are two distinct notions that cannot be considered together. If you do not know your personal brand voice, you will be less likely to build and manage a consistent business that appeals to your desired customer

Potential clients will form passive impressions if you rely solely on your branding. You may have the perfect fashion sense and a sizable social media following, but you are ultimately forgettable.

Why Does It Matter?

As I previously stated, branding and voice are inextricably linked, and I strongly recommend a polished, professional appearance. There is no longer any shame in employing hairdressers or obsessing over logos for hours. However, unlike flashy household brands that promote things like toothpaste and window cleaner, your brand should promote you as an individual, not merely a surface-level attempt to attract new customers. It is the same reason some of us would instead go to a locally owned café than an international chain for a cup of coffee. Or, why we prefer to shop for firms that promote sustainability efforts over those that promote low-cost, low-human-interest products.

Transparency has fast become one of the most critical determinants of a company’s success. Surprisingly, 86 percent of Americans say that a company’s transparency is more important to them now than it has ever been. Building your personal brand’s voice can assist your company in achieving a level of transparency that will motivate clients to act the next time they see your profiles.

What Is the Tone of Your Brand?

So, what exactly do I mean when I say, “build your voice”? Your brand voice is your unique personality, which is represented in all of your digital communications. In fact, the substance of your personal brand should be similar to how you speak in real life. Most of the time, at least. Your brand’s voice can be as casual and amusing as you want it to be or as severe and aggressive as you wish. This may appear to be a hazardous notion to some, but I guarantee it will elevate your personal brand to new heights. It is a level that even the most sophisticated branding cannot reach on its own. Here is a reassuring reminder: no one else is like you. That is exactly what you should remember when deciding what kind of message you want your personal brand to send outside of the services and products you provide.

Determine Who Your Target Market is

Many individuals make the error of attempting to appeal to the general public. It is crucial to define your specialty before appealing to your target market. Start with a broad category that interests you to find your specialisation, such as sales, marketing, or finance. You should align your personal profession with your business well if you start one. Your speciality should be in a particular trade area if you want to create a brand and advance your career.

This boosts your chances of success and stands out. You will also be better able to get to know your clients and customise their experiences. Furthermore, marketing employs more employees than SEO content marketing for startups and small enterprises.

Create a Content Strategy

You want to be recognised as a credible expert in your field. Posting simply video or only text quickly becomes stale. Sharing various sorts of content across all platforms boosts your visibility and aids in the rapid development of your brand. This information can be shared on a variety of channels, including blogs and online newspapers.


To conclude, it is through the use of your brand’s voice that you can truly stand out from the crowd. No one else on the planet should have the same branding tone as you do. You probably had a concept of your own brand statement built in your thoughts before embarking on your entrepreneurial adventure. This meant a lot of scribbling, crossing out, and rewriting before I finally produced a statement that felt like the most accurate representation of my goals. Your elevator pitch is essentially your personal brand statement. It should include information on who you are, what you do, and how you differ from your competitors.

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