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Main Functions of Video Content in Social Media Marketing

Video content is increasingly an essential part of marketing tactics, and when properly targeted, it can produce some amazing functions. In this article, we explain main functions of video content in social media marketing.
Video content is becoming increasingly important, and it is especially common in social media marketing. Video content an essential part of marketing tactics geared at younger generations, and when properly targeted, it can produce amazing results. Here are a few reasons why video content is currently dominating the social media marketing landscape as the primary focus, as well as presenting a significant opportunity.

Maintaining Competitiveness

Video is now used by 81 percent of organisations for marketing purposes. (Hubspot) Videos are fantastic for getting all kinds of information out, and in terms of practicality, a short, unique explainer film may make all the difference when it comes to educating people about your specific product. You can quickly capture people’s attention and hold it when they are truly entertained by using narrative and distinctive sorts of media. You might want to employ an animated or graphical film explainer to stand out from the crowd, depending on how well it complements your product (and not come across as too in-your-face).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By 2021, the video will account for more than 80% of all traffic. (Cisco) Because search engines regard videos as high-quality information, using them in various types of content as well as on your major web pages can help your SEO tremendously — as long as the videos themselves are correctly optimized. This entails using the proper keywords, a compelling meta description, and a compelling title. Using subtitles for autoplay and keeping the video on mute if it’s on a landing page are two more things you’ll want to do to ensure the best engagement and accessibility, as well as increase your SEO. Videos on landing pages can be quite effective but only provided they do not scare away potential customers. You will definitely want to ensure that your video is mobile-friendly throughout. Practice strong SEO practises and always monitor your stats to understand how your videos are performing. You can create a standard library of different films on YouTube, arrange them, and then use them in other types of material like blogs and emails.

Educating and informing clients

According to 97 percent of marketers, videos assist customers to comprehend items. (Hubspot) For the most part, today’s marketers do not take a pitching approach – why? There is too much to choose from. Consumers and companies do not need to be sold to; instead, they conduct a simple internet search to identify the best product in their neighbourhood, if not the entire world and then order it online. To that purpose, marketers in a variety of areas (though perhaps not all) must approach consumers with a value-based proposition rather than a “sell.” And videos are particularly good at providing clients with a close look at a product, service, or even an influencer or celebrity.


By 2021, live video will account for 13% of all traffic. (Cisco) Have you ever wanted to see what Facebook Live, or Instagram stories are like? If you work in digital marketing or want to work in that field, you will need to learn how to make and optimise basic videos. Instagram Stories and Snapchat are both fantastic for giving people intimate insights or quick, personal glimpses into your life, and they are also fantastic as creative tools. The unique aspect of these videos is that they are only available for 24 hours, giving them a more real-time feel. It also allows advertisers to create ads that are focused on time-sensitive promotions.

Increasing Conversions

A video, according to 90% of consumers, will assist them in making a purchasing choice. (Today’s social media) According to Wyzowl, 74% of individuals who have the opportunity to watch a product in action via an explainer film will purchase it. Landing pages are also wonderful places to put videos because it allegedly increases conversion rates. Another reason having a video is good for website conversions is that it keeps visitors on the site for a longer time enough for them to look around. This is especially true for non-readers (a decent rule of thumb is to presume that people’s eyes are tired of staring at a screen). People who are watching a video are said to stay for an extra two minutes if there is one.


Video is one of the most extensively used forms of media on the planet. It shows no signs of going away anytime soon because we desire connection and personality in an impersonal digital world. We desire to see and hear people in their natural habitat. Video isn’t just entertaining; it’s also one of the most effective ways to get close to your audience and show them what you and your company or clients are up to. Think beyond business and product here — show them something about your philosophy, or inform them about an amazing event, or provide them with useful information. The more they are aware of your positive activities, the better.
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