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Personal Branding: How to Build and Monetise Your Brand Fast

Do you want to make money from your personal brand? You are, of course. Who wants to spend an entire day working on something and not getting anything out of it? We all have a certain amount of time on this planet and want to make the most of it. This is why I believer in having a personal brand monetisation plan. People come up with blog or podcast ideas and tell themselves, “I just want to have fun with it.” But, since developing a brand requires time and effort, let’s make it worthwhile.

Money is synonymous with liberty. It is a lot more enjoyable when you are paid to offer your thoughts, ideas, and content. You will have more creative flexibility to pursue the stuff you actually care about if you can learn to monetise your own brand. These items always start off as passion projects, but you will most likely quit unless you can monetise your personal brand. So, what are your alternatives? How can you make money from your personal brand? Let’s get this party started!

1. Sell Advertising

Advertising is the clearest forward monetisation technique for your business. One of the best aspects of placing ads on your website is its simplicity. You do not need permission or a sales process to do this. You simply turn on the adverts and start earning money. On a website, there are two fundamental ways to sell adverts. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Google Adsense is the company’s self-serve advertising platform. To start, simply copy and paste the code provided by Google onto your website where you want the adverts to show. This is an excellent alternative for someone just getting started, but it is practically inevitable that you will not make much money. Google has horrible rates, and in order to truly monetise your personal brand with Google ads, you will need to drive millions of hits.

2. Coaching

Is it an excellent business opportunity for persons with a valuable skill set? I can vouch for the effectiveness of coaching. I hired a business coach myself, and my coaching services have proven to be a terrific way for me to monetise my personal brand. You must be a good listener and instructor in order to be a good coach.

A great coach must also manage his or her time effectively. It may become tough to manage all of your coaching sessions as you begin to create a solid client base, and if you skip a coaching session, you risk upsetting your clients who have paid you hard-earned money. People are becoming increasingly open to working with coaches since learning these vital skills from someone who has gone through the process firsthand is the most effective method to learn them.

3. Promote Your Expertise

Because it does not require a high entrance fee, selling services is a simple and effective approach to start a business. My own marketing firm exemplifies this. When we chose to start a marketing company, our only upfront costs were the fees of building our website, hosting our website, and the time it took me to create blog entries.

This is a time-consuming procedure, but it is a great option since if you keep track of your finances, you will never have to borrow money to build your business. You can make a profit at any time.

4. Sell a Subscription Service

One of my favorite ways to monetise a personal brand is through this method. I like the idea of creating online communities because if you get enough people involved, your members will effectively become brand ambassadors and do a lot of your marketing for you. Everyone benefits from a successful membership community. Members get to be a part of something they appreciate, and you get to establish a fantastic company that benefits others.


A year from now, you will wish you’d started today. In my opinion, a person’s personal brand is the most valuable asset they may have. Even if your personal brand is not immediately monetized, establishing a following is a great strategy to attract future opportunities. You do not know how many opportunities have thrown on my way as a result of people who admire my work, my perspectives, and my work ethic. Over time, my material has expanded to include more linear revenue streams like teaching and an academy.

That, however, does not have to be the case. The most important thing is to get started. Even if it is just one post, one newsletter, or one video per week, you will be surprised at how much momentum you can generate with constant activity. So, what exactly are you waiting for? What exactly is it that you are afraid of? Go! This is how you will live in the future.

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