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Personal Branding vs Business Branding

You have undoubtedly heard both the business branding and personal branding names both. You may be thinking of their differences and priority and generally their features. It is an important question which one is more important and which one should be your selection. Reviewing each one’s pros and cons may help you make the right decision.

As you know, a business brand introduces your product, your company or like this, but your personal brand offers your attitudes, personality and ideas.

Business Branding

A business brand is more than just a logo. It consists of ads, fonts, visits cards and colors, and many other things. It is going to present your business, whether it is a product or a company. So it shows its importance in offering products more than providing a personal-based service. To make this brand, you ought to create an identity for your brand and product. Of course, it has some pros and cons.

A strong brand strategy and identity can lead to ideal customers and suitable place in the market. Its benefits are: you can quickly sell your brand and leave the business whenever you do not want to continue with it. You have the option of outsourcing some jobs to others.

On the other hand, you face some disadvantages, like Making trust based on a business brand is more rigid than a personal brand. As a business, you have many various competitors, so your audiences may go to them anytime. A business brand is not that flexible to grow or make changes. 

Personal Brand

Your personal brand is unique as your personality and attitude are. It shows others your viewpoints and thoughts. Although it has a binding effect in almost all businesses, it seems more important in personal-based companies and singular ones; Like coaches, writers and bloggers.

Another issue that makes it more critical is the sense that face-to-face connections make. Receiving a friend’s suggestion or reading clients advice makes a stronger desire to buy something rather than seeing a huge colorful billboard on the street. It is what a human relation leads to, which makes personal branding vital. Here says 92% of people trust persons more than brands even they do not know them. Likewise, 85% of clients have expressed that they were greedier to buy after engaging in face-to-face events and interactions.

On the other hand, when you make your personal brand, you have no competitors because there is not any copy of you in the world. And it is easier to make and more flexible. We can talk even more about its advantages.

Disadvantages are that you should have an active presence, and it may be time-consuming, so you cannot outsource your jobs. It is not possible to sell your brand, and if you want to make a profound change in your professional field, it may become complicated for your audiences.

Personal brand vs business brand

Now we turn to the comparison between these two. Which one should be first taken or is more effective? As an entrepreneur, which one pushes you forward more strongly?

In many cases, the answer is both. It would help if you had a combination of them. But even in this state, the decisive role of individual branding is undeniable. People like to connect to humans rather than brands, as we mentioned before. They want to see the face behind it and are impressed with real stories of failure and success more than anything else. So even if you have a product-based business, your personal brand helps you to grow it.

Just consider an example, remember Steve Jobs, and imagine you want to buy a product his new company produces; besides many other companies. Which one do you purchase from? Do you ever think about other choices? That is why you should first go with your personal brand. Once you make your brand, you run with it forever; you will not need any advertisements anymore. You talk about your new idea or product, and people quickly pick it up.

Final Words

In short, your business brand is like the appearance of a book, and your personal brand is its idea. You can have both, but do not forget the deep influence of your book idea. If you choose the priority, no doubt it is a personal brand. Because it is based on your specific career and differentiate in the market. Moreover, you make human relations the key in social media. By all these, even if you have a product, your brand helps you sell it.

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