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Proven Ways to Improve Your Personal Brand

In the past, you needed an agent to get publicity. In order to get your name in the news, you had to schmooze, climb the fame ladder, and find ways to get your name out there.

The process of growing your influence has completely reversed in 2022. All of us have access to social media, which allows us to grow our online influence and get attention. The goal goes beyond an elevator pitch at a networking event. When it comes to growing your influence, there is more competition. You need to think strategically and appeal to your target audience just like a professional brand.

Over the last ten years, we have learned a lot about helping people grow their exposure working with brands. With some of the same tactics, we will discuss eight ways to create a personal branding strategy and influence.

Spend Money on Professional Headshots

People relate to you primarily through your images. Professional-grade images are essential to establishing your brand as a leader. Today, everyone has a smartphone with a decent camera. Even though you can use your cellphone for stories and some images, you should consider upgrading to a higher level. The first step to improving the quality of your images is to purchase a DSLR camera. To do basic editing, you can also subscribe to Adobe Lightroom or use tools like VSCO.

Three tips for better images:

The art and science of high-quality photography go hand in hand. In order to improve your skills and create better images, you need to invest both money and time. Your first photoshoot might require hiring an outside photographer, and then you can gradually do it yourself

Create a Look and Feel for your Brand

Brands that are regarded as the best in the world are extremely strict about what they promote. When a company publishes, they have a brand book that specifies what colors, fonts, and logos they should use. There are some brands, such as Mailchimp, which have a specific way of writing their content that is consistent with their brand identity.

It is always a good idea to hire a graphic designer if you are unsure what colors and fonts will work best for your brand. Their services include creating logos, color palettes, and even matching specific imagery to your brand. You can certainly vary the colors and feel of the content you post, but it is useful to have a few parameters in mind.

Document and Share Experiences

Growing a personal brand is largely dependent on the experiences you have every day. Building a following on social media is one way to share them. It is not necessary to share every aspect of your daily life. There will be highlights, however, that you can curate. Your content calendar allows you to schedule posts based on the content you create. Documenting your thoughts and experiences is a good idea, even if you don’t use them right away. If you want to delete videos or thoughts later, you can always do it with your phone notes, but at the time, it’s worth recording them.

Become an Expert at Writing and Speaking on Camera

Once we graduate, we don’t think about improving our writing and speaking skills. To grow your influence online, you need to learn how to write blog posts, as well as how to speak well on video. While you can outsource these two tasks, learning how to do them yourself has some benefits. Clarifying your thoughts through writing is crucial. Your blog’s written content is also more likely to appear in Google search results. A fluent speaker on video helps you grow your influence when it comes to video. Keeping a daily Vlog or sharing something you have learned is a great way to practice. As you become more comfortable speaking on camera, it will become easier. 

Finally, Try to Test Different Platforms!

There is no wrong way to use social media, but sticking to just one platform is a mistake. Due to the constant changes in social media. Even if you have lots of followers, you don’t own a social media account. Thus, if your account gets deleted or the platform becomes less popular, you lose. In order to fix this problem, you should learn the nuances of each social media platform. No matter what platform you use, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other, you must have a clear brand identity. Discover how your content can work on each channel and who the primary audience is.

Keep trying new social media apps and expanding your knowledge and reach even if you are successful with one.

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