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4 Social Media Content Ideas to Keep Your Business's Feed Fresh

No one can deny the significant role of social media when it comes to bringing your business to the next level. It helps your consumers to have a better understanding of your brand personality. Also, it increases your interaction with your audiences, so you will realize their wants and needs better.

When you want to promote your social media, content is the starting point. If your social media content doesn’t engage your audience, all your subsequent attempts will fail. No one enjoys boring posts and tweets while there is easy access to thousands of eye-catching posts on other pages. So all these lead you to post stunning content on social media. But even when you provide creative content, there come times you run out of new ideas. This way, those stunning content will look no more attractive to the audiences waiting for a new feed.

That is why it is important to look for new social media content, so you will keep your business’s feed fresh. Here, we have provided some ideas for you to keep your audiences engaged continuously.

1. Put your Social Media Content into a Series

Make a monthly, weekly, or daily series, and this idea will benefit you so much. There are two different things to do with a series. First, start scheduled sessions to interact with your followers to let them feel they are important to you, and you care about their concerns. Second, put your social media content into a series. Plan a long-term content strategy for your different platforms. Decide on the most impressive content you want to share with your audiences, and then choose how you want to convey it. For example, if you are going to post your happy customers showcasing once in a while, set exact times to do so- like every Monday. This will create expectations in your audiences’ minds, and they will be much more satisfied to find their guesses to be right.

2. Conduct an AMA

If you want to engage your audiences, answer them directly about your insights, experiences, and knowledge. One way to do so is AMA (ask me anything) sessions on various social media platforms.  These sessions will drive your marketing strategy forward because you can deeply understand your audiences’ concerns and interests. Although AMA is so hot on Reddit, you can start a Twitter or an Instagram thread in the AMA format. It doesn’t matter your AMA includes your success stories or the personal challenges, all you share will help you increase your brand awareness. If possible, encourage your team members to conduct their AMA from time to time to improve your brand image. What is more, don’t trouble yourself too much if some of the followers’ questions might remain unanswered. The audiences know it is almost impossible for you to answer all they ask one by one while they are part of a delightful experience.

3. Share Content from Your Clients

As long as the post is relevant to your business, ask your clients to repost their own social media content on your accounts. It not only helps you reach out to your followers but also builds trust in all your audiences. It is a fact that customers are more likely to trust content from ordinary people than influencers and brands.

Keep in mind that user-generated content can work as word of mouth– one of the most powerful marketing tools for a business. So, in addition to content from your clients, try to showcase your testimonials to strengthen your relationship with your followers, and enhance your brand reputation.

4. Post Inspiring Quotes

Although some people are against the use of quotes and somehow find them annoying, others highlight them to generate engagement. We can’t actually ignore the fact that inspiring quotes have worked for many individuals and brands. Many industry leaders advocate posting inspirational content as long as it is driven by their objectives. If your audiences like your posts, then the likelihood of your next post being shown to them increases. And you can create and maintain brand awareness for both your followers and new audiences. But bear in mind not to get overboard with posting three or four quotes every day, or you will downgrade and dissatisfy your audiences in no time.

In short, whether it is your social media or other marketing efforts, content is the king. If you keep your content fresh, people will stay longer on your social media and interact with you more. So, provide your followers with innovative social media content ideas and let your success speak for you.  

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