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Why Your Startup Content Marketing Strategy Isn't Working

Sometimes, you realize that your content marketing strategy doesn’t work and you don’t get the results you want for your company. In this blog, we tell you the reasons for this problem
Running a startup is one of the most challenging and sensitive jobs, mostly besides all hardworking competitors. You may have started your startup and design for it a content marketing strategy. But you are not satisfied with the results. It is not just your problem as a startup. Many other companies have the same dilemma. Not getting good results may have different and various reasons. Some more common ones can be as follow:

Not Having a Content Marketing Strategy

Not having a strategy can be the failure cause of not only the startups but many other businesses. If you don’t have a plan for reaching from A to B, how do you want to make sure you are in the way? How can you meet your goal? Pay attention, writing blogs or sharing posts don’t mean having a strategy. The strategy has a definition. You should consider your purpose, your audiences, your time and your budget and many other issues.
Although 70% of all businesses have a content marketing strategy, only about 5% of B2C companies count their efforts very useful. It shows content production alone is not enough. Even if you have thought about and considered these materials in your mind and think you have a strategy, you are mistaken. You are not counted as a strategy-owner until you have not written it. You should make it clear, and nothing in your mind can go clear enough. Every team member should easily be able to realize the steps in order. And the strategy should be realizable. If it is just some thoughts, how are you going to know it?

Not Investing Much on Content Marketing

When you are at the edge of your business, you are not eager to spend much. But the reality is that the more you start strong the best you can continue. Spending money on content marketing is not wasting your budget but an investment. You pay for content marketing, and you get it back if it is good enough. It is precisely the ROI. In email marketing, the ROI is 4.300%. So if you have the right strategy, there is no need to worry about the budget you assign because it would get back to you soon.

Weak Content Marketing Strategy

Maybe you have a strategy, and it is written indeed. Then check it to be intense and well-done as well. Your job is not finished by writing your plan. Probably it is not good enough, and you should make a change. Take an in-depth look at your schedule. Are your goal and your audiences determined? Do you have accurate, valuable and sufficient KIPs? Perhaps you should change them and omit each one which doesn’t have any positive effect. And monitor the process of progress day-to-day. Another point is to create your plan by yourself. You can outsource content production or marketing. But don’t do it for developing the strategy. Nobody knows your goal better than you.

You Are Doing Just Half of the Content Marketing

In the world, nothing happens by chance, and it does on social media. Maybe you have a good plan, and you pay much money based on it. However, it is still not enough if you are content with just producing content. What about the “marketing” part? Who is going to take its responsibility? For sure, the answer is not your audiences! Have you thought about how they will find your excellent content if you don’t promote it? You are supposed to do different actions to showcase your content. Email marketing, sharing in various platforms, or asking the influencers and bloggers to share your content would be email marketing.

You Are too Hurried

There are a few jobs which you can succeed in them in a short time if there is any! And content marketing is not an exception. Isn’t it soon to get hopeless? You have entered a crowded market with huge competitors. You should do much to catch them and stand out in the crowd. Some weeks and even some months is not a proper time to get the result. Just be patient and continue your way to fulfil your desires. To sum up, as a startup, if you are looking for a result, please track your actions logically and patiently. Ask yourself whether you have a content marketing strategy or not? You would better to document it and evaluate it to make sure it is suitable. Do you spend enough on content marketing? Have you waited enough? For sure answering, these questions brighten your performance and help you to inform it where it is needed.
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