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Video Production

Music & Corporate Video Production Agency London

We are a video production company in London, and behind every professional music video, there are a group of talented, experienced people like us! Creating music videos for artists is an enjoyable and creative pursuit. We have an experienced team of directors, directors of photography, art directors, set directors, chief lighting technicians, production assistants, production sound mixer, prop master, choreographer, visual effects team, editors, costume designer, and make-up professionals in Business Vibes corporate video company in London.

As a music video production agency in London, we are trusted to devise and produce high profile projects like creating music videos with tight budgets and fast turnarounds.

The music video production process includes:

  • Music video pre-production
    • Choose the project
    • Develop the concept
    • Find the perfect location
    • Casting the talent and crew
    • Getting the music video production equipment
  • Music video production
    • Filming
    • Capturing Live Footage
    • Lighting your music video
  • Music video post-production
    • Editing to match the visuals to audio
    • Getting your music video distributed

Also, we produce corporate videos for your business’ specific audience which leads to financial results.

Business Vibes will involve your company deciding on your objectives for the video, writing a brief, and then the actual production of the video process as a corporate video company in London. The stages of video production with Business Vibes start with a free creative consultation, our proposal of how this corporate video solution might look stylistically. This then moves into storyboarding, scripting, and then video material creation either through live-action filming or in-studio animation or 3D animation. Below are some of the main types of corporate videos that are created:

  • Brand video
  • Conference / Exhibition film
  • Social media videos
  • Email video
  • Testimonial videos
  • FAQ videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Internal communication video
  • Recruitment video
  • Training videos
  • Showcase your responsible endeavours

As a videography media agency in London, we will make our clients’ businesses come alive with our video production services that translate the voices and visions of companies.

Short Film Videography Production Companies in London UK

As one of the best short film production companies in London, we have a team of producers and creatives passionate about storytelling. We assure we work hard to create entertaining and meaningful content that people enjoy and resonate with. We work on commercial and branded content, film and documentaries. Our talented creative directors work hard during the pre-production stages. We’ll fine-tune every aspect of pre-production, from scripts to storyboards, as a video content agency in London.

Our production team will create the best quality using the latest state equipment. We’ll always make sure quality comes first, no matter how much your budget is. As you know equipment doesn’t solely guarantee quality, but here at Business Vibes, experience is another thing we have that contributes to quality. Once all scenes have been filmed, we’ll take them to our post-production studios in London and begin our intense edit. We thoroughly pay attention to detail from rough cut to colour grading to provide a perfect final film.

These short film productions are great for customers as they are far easy to engage with than text. Professional videography can give people something to talk and think about, or even something they can show to others.

Our short film production services include:

  • Crafting the story & scriptwriting
  • Filming
  • Post-production
  • Promotion

Best Rated Motion Graphics Studios in London

If you want to achieve viral success, our well-crafted motion graphics is so effective at keeping the audiences’ attention. Then, Business Vibes will help you be successful in getting your brand story across as a motion graphics company in London. If you would like to see real results from your marketing spend, consider investing in high-quality motion graphics as part of your content strategy.

Whether you want to use whiteboard animation or motion graphics, our team of creative crews is here to make your vision a reality through unique and engaging motion graphics production. The motion graphics designs are especially good at showing people how you do what you do in ways that are creative and easy to understand. Here are all the types of motion graphics you can choose from for your business:

  • Explainer videos
  • Instructional videos
  • User interface (UI) animation
  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Titles
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Broadcast
  • graphics
  • GIFs

Our motion graphic design services include:

  • Consultation to discuss your needs and desires
  • Informing the clients what to expect in each upcoming phase of the process
  • Forming the Script
  • Storyboarding
  • Producing the motion graphics
  • A feedback session with clients

If you are not sure where to start with your video marketing, motion graphics is a solid start. It’s infinitely appealing to young and old, you can create it anywhere, and it offers endless possibilities.

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