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Visual Events & Podcasts

Hire Audio Visual AV Companies London

Business Vibes is one of the best London audio visual companies with years of technical expertise in the AV industry. Whenever you have corporate events and even private celebrations, we can ensure that everything on the technical side of event production goes off without any troubles. As an AV equipment hire in London, we willingly take responsibilities for the supply, installation, and operation of equipment that directly or indirectly processes sound or visual media for your events.

We use the most crucial components of audio technology, such as speakers and microphones that give your events the highest possible sound quality. We supply and install devices such as microphones, projectors, screens, and PA systems, at events such as conferences, business meetings, awards ceremonies, team building, trade shows, corporate, sports, fundraiser and brand launch events.

With our understanding and know-how, your visual events will stand out and reflect your vision and your voice. We want your events to transcend being simply smooth, professional and memorable. If you have got an upcoming project, we would be delighted to help you at Business Vibes. Everything will be done on time and events can go ahead as planned.

Corporate Event Management & Planning Agency London

Running a successful event can be a complex and expensive exercise where the planning and management of every detail counts towards its success, which is reason to hire event management companies in London. Event management involves the management, production, installation, overseeing and logistics of any event. Whether you are booking a conference, exhibition, virtual product launch, or corporate Christmas party it is always crucial to consider event planning companies in London as a tool to help you manage our event.

As an event management agency in London, Business Vibes will work with you throughout the whole process of planning your event. We can deal with as many or as few details of your event as you want. We offer our clients full-scale event management and planning services.

Here are the services Business Vibes corporate event planners in London offer:

  • Project management
  • Budget control
  • Staffing
  • Sourcing suppliers
  • Liaising with vendors
  • Managing event schedules
  • On-the-day event management
  • Health and safety reports
  • Venue dressing & theming installation
  • Post event analysis

Business Vibes corporate event management & planning services will vary from event to event and between industries. So, if you are looking for help with running your event, get in touch with our team today.

Podcast Production Studio in London UK

You may be new to podcasting and need help producing a series, or you might already have a podcast but find the process too tedious or hard for you and your team to handle. Whatever it might be, Business Vibes podcast production services can help you make a podcast that really speaks about who you are and what you believe.

As a podcast agency in London, Business Vibes will help you with these professional services: 

  • Podcast concept
  • Podcast production
  • Podcast post-production
  • Podcast distribution

As one of the top podcast production companies, Business Vibes will help you formulate your podcast concept and offer advice on how to proceed right from the beginning. Then, we can move into podcast production phase in Business Vibes London podcast studio. Since the quality of your recording matters the most, we offer you different options for recording and help you get the best quality out of the method you use.  The next step is the podcast post production stage where the raw audio recordings will be cleaned up, edited, and mixed with music. Finally, we will offer you various platforms and options for distributing your podcasts.

With our help, your podcast will be distinct, professional and personal to you and your voice. If you are having some podcast plans or if you already launched your pod, and looking to level up, you can contact us.

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